Двигатели и электростанции от европейского лидера! 24-735 кВт


Характеристики и преимущества двигателей C серия: Serviceability & Maintainability

In order to fulfil highest reliability and maintainability target, "C" engine family is manufactured with high quality standards with automatic processes and It is designed and engineered with newest 2000's years Robust Design Criteria with CAD/CAE/CAM devices.

In order to maximise the serviceability, in terms of easily repair and failure rate probability, "C" engine family have:

  • Gallery cooled pistons - to improve engine endurance
  • Single Over Head Camshaft - for reducing cam lash adjusting time
  • Rocker arms with rollers - to reduce wear
  • Internal EGR - for reducing external interface (except C13 EUI)
  • Without Variable Geometry Turbocharger - for reducing external interface in terms of turbocharger water cooling and electro pneumatic controlled valve.


C87: Camshaft Internal C Family EGR diagram
C87: Camshaft Internal C Family EGR diagram